National Business Advocate

SABTU is the leading advocate for self-employed and small business owners, with offices in South Africa, and every state capital. Our mission is to defend the right of small business owners to run their businesses without undue government interference and to advance public policies that promote their success.

We proudly represent hundreds of thousands of members nationwide from every industry and sector. And we are the only major business organisation whose policies and positions are established by the members directly, not by executive staff or the Board of Directors. That’s what makes us credible, widely respected and effective.

SABTU brings to businesses a well-built team of legal representative(s)/ lawyer(s) which shall represent businesses and provide the act of advocacy. SABTU continues to advocate on behalf of South Africa self-employed, entrepreneurs and small business. A staunchly non-partisan organization, SABTU reaches more than 150,000 small businesses across the country and is proud to be first true inclusive, non-racial and grass root small-business advocacy organization.

While our efforts are focused on National advocacy, SABTU is continually providing a snapshot of what’s on the mind of South Africa’s small-business community through two biannual Economic Reports and various targeted surveys. SABTU is a pragmatic, non-partisan small-business organization and is proud to represent the 1 million owners and employees that comprise South Africa Afrika Enterprises and Self-Employed.