INQINDI COUNCIL (THE BUSINESS CLUB) is a SABTU premier network for exemplary entrepreneurs are selected as mentors and leader of their communities. These Entreleaders are expected to adopt and lead other entrecadres. We will create local, regional and provincial, National reporting lines for the units. Members are carefully vetted to ensure that the Club maintains the highest calibre of entrepreneurs across all sectors.

These are leaders, visionaries and innovators. The Business Clubs are a powerful means of personal development for the owners of fast-growing businesses based in the South Africa. We meet 10 times a year in half-day bursts.

The Business Club aims to help small to medium sized businesses establish themselves within a community of other business owners and establish access to a group of people who are determined to run a successful business that affords them time and money to improve their lifestyle and enjoy things they may not have otherwise been able to experience.

The Business Club is a club for all Afrika Enterprise, include Self Employed & SME owner and directors, dispelling the stereotype that organisation like INQINDI are discriminatory or elite for the typical entrepreneur . The Business Club has a Women and Men Sections to enable these entrepreneurs to nurture separately while growing together under the Umbrella of INQINI COUNCIL.