Daluxolo Council: Alternative Dispute Council

SABTU Arbitration & ADR Committee serves multi-faceted dispute resolution services. The committee provides assistance in the nomination of arbitrators, makes referrals to parties seeking alternative resolution, organises seminars and corporate roundtables, and answers questions regarding the arbitration process and other dispute resolution services.

The Resolution of Members Disputes Program makes it possible to find a solution for disputes between members and or members and clients with a dispute on contractual matters or over the professional fees incurred for services to find a solution to their problem through mediation and/or arbitration, rather than litigation.

The dispute resolution process is free, informal, and impartial. Either side may initiate the resolution process. In the case of mediation, a volunteer member (preferred experienced lawyer) experienced in mediation techniques will help bring member and client to a mutually satisfactory settlement.

In the case of arbitration, a hearing panel comprised of three volunteers (two attorneys and one layperson) will decide a case based on written and oral presentations from both sides. Find out more about the program and filing for dispute resolution below.
• Step-by-Step Guidelines for Participation
• Mediation/Arbitration
• Program Rules
• Petition Form