SABTU History

SABTU is the first campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of Afrika Enterprises, self-employed, owners of small businesses. Formed in 2014 and Incorporated in 2015 as South African Confederation of Business Trade Unions.

SABTU is non-partisan, people centric and non-profit organisation with strong convictions on issues economic transformation and small business development through mass-based strategies.
Our mission is to defend the right of small business owners to run their businesses without undue government interference and to advance public policies that promote their success. We proudly represent hundreds of thousands of members nationwide from every industry and sector. And we are the only major business organization whose policies and positions are established by the members directly, not by executive staff or the Board of Directors. That’s what makes us credible, widely respected and effective.

The South Africa Business Trade Union (SABTU) serves as a business umbrella for self-employed, entrepreneurs, industrialist and small businesses. The South African Business Trade Union emergence brings back to life original ideals men like Meshach Peleem, John Langalibalele Dube and Walter Benson Rubusana who stood for the establishment of Afrika Enterprise in South Africa.

SABTU adopts the United Nation declaration of Human Right, African Charter on Human and People’s Rights Freedom Charter, and South Africa Constitution act 108 of 1996 as founding documents for the right to trade, right to commerce and fair and just business practices. We are structured around 5 basic fundamental rights from the freedom charter and South African Constitution, which be strive to outline and bring forward for practice by local businesses. We defend and promote these rights.

• Right to life (Which include the right to Work and Livelihood)
• The people shall govern.
• The people shall share in the country’s wealth.
• The land shall be shared among those who work in it.
• There shall be work and security.