About Us

SABTU is the only inclusive, non-racial and progressive Business Trade Union representing small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in the South African economic terrain besides other existing associations in other forms. We therefore take pride in our differentiated strategic mandate of organising all local businesses and economic activists. We are principled and guided by Self-help policy which says to businesses “Do it yourself and let’s grow together.”

leaders in promoting and protecting your right to trade and own, operate and grow your business anywhere in South Africa.

Mission Statement
To be and to remain the largest and most effective organisation that promotes and protects the interests of Afrika Enterprises self-employed and small businesses and business owners within South Africa.

Aims and Objectives of SABTU

SABTU is a legal muscle where all South African businesses will collectively come together to advocate for their interests, protect and create industrial champions. As an organisation we ought to carry through the following functions for our business members:

• To implement protection of the rights of businesses and business owners within the South Africa terrain and far as abroad, from oppressing government regulations concerning business and their investments such as property, financial mobility and business interest.
• To encourage and support legal business visions by developing young and fresh entrepreneurs that will implement effective business models and sustainable solutions that will increase the business industry and strengthen the economic growth of the country.
• To assist and offer guidance to local businesses by supplying relevant information that will point them into the right direction of creating alliances with bigger and stronger companies in the country and abroad.
• To establish permanent business relationships amongst its registered business members hence creating innovative projects, initiating intelligent business ideas and form sound strong business champions.
• To offer a thorough research study about the development of business entrepreneurs and their time line growth and experiences of the existent entrepreneur market.
• To assist in the developing and establishing of social-economical businesses.
• To engage in the preparation and realisation of the national, provincial, regional and local socio-economic programmes.
• To formulate and realise business laws that will work in support of local businesses and provide legal advocacy to the development of local businesses.

The Purpose of SABTU is:

 To unite all business owners within the South African economic terrain, protect and promote their common interests.
 To promote understanding and general welfare among members of the Business Trade Union.
 To secure the complete organisation and unity within the Union.
 To maintain working relationship between the big corporations, government of the country, the business owners and other stakeholders.
 To maintain contact and good relations with other societies and clubs in the sphere of business, academic, social and cultural activities.